A few thoughts about my 24th birthday.

Flowers from my daddy.

Chocolate and a rose from Gabriel.
And he cleaned the apartment!!

Amazing pizza for dinner.

Later that evening, my best friend Shanell got home from her mission.

Isn't she beautiful?
Man, I missed this girl SO much!

I went a little crazy at Hobby Lobby and got a few Christmas crafts.
Some of them shown above...

A white porcelain soldier man that I am painting.
He is about halfway finished.
I'll post photos when he is complete and ready for duty.

A mini-flower pot I was messing around with.
I am thinking of filling them with mini candy canes or little poinsettias.

The hubs.
We watched Little Rascalls last night.
Such a classic.
I miss movies that stay away from any political messages within the story lines.

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