Mid-Week Smiles

Last night, the cub scouts were cracking us up. They were doing random things, like punching the air and pretending to be ninjas. I have discovered that little boys love being ninjas. Or cowboys. Or soldiers. Or knights. Or super heroes. During the activity, I found one of the cubbies underneath his table, making space ship sounds. I listened for a minute as he immersed himself inside his imagination. For an entire minute, he was an astronaut on a very important mission.

After the activity was finished, we had some time to spare. I decided to let the boys play a few animal charades. We had a gorilla, a horse, even a King Cobra. Their imaginations were definitely on a roll this week.

I am playing with new hairstyles. While catching up on Busy Bee's blog, I watched a couple of hair tutorials that she posted. She has cute hair. Unfortunately, as you can see in the photo above, my hair isn't long enough pull off her "Fraulein Maria" look. It still looks pretty cute, minus the gigantic bobby pins on top. Even Gabriel liked it. But I think he appreciates it when I do anything with my hair besides a ponytail.

This is one reason why I love Christmastime so much. Egg nog. Other reasons? Oh dear...

Classic Christmas cartoons and movies. Decorating in reds, greens, and golds. The warmth of the holiday cannot be matched. The music (and yes, it is playing right now as I type). Christmas Eve night (it is one of my favorite-favorite-favorites). The extra ounce of charity everyone seems to feel. Christmas chocolates, cookie tins, and pretty ribbon candy. Christmas cards (which I intend to participate in this year). The way my parents tree looks when all other lights are turned off (magical). Watching the parade on Christmas morning television. Spending the entire day with family. Okay, now I am getting to the part when Christmas ends. And I refuse to think about that right now. So we'll just stop there for now. :)


Lauren said...

Your hair looks pretty though! Love it!

Caty said...

Thank you! It was the first time trying that style, so there are frizzies and pins everywhere. But I liked it!

Marigrace said...

You are beautiful!!!!