Lovely Weekend

Yesterday, my family celebrated our Thanksgiving for this year. It was slightly last-minute, but I am so happy that everyone (who lives around here) was able to make it! I got to spend the afternoon helping my amazing mother in the kitchen. I made a pumpkin cream pie by none other than the Pioneer Woman. And I got to spend some much-craved time with my babies, Masen and Jayce. The food was spectacular and the company was wonderful. I didn't get to take very many photos, but here are a few moments that I did capture...

This photo means a lot to me.
I was sitting on the floor watching as Masen momentarily wandered into the kitchen.
The light of the day streaming in, the temperature of the air, the scattered crayons on the floor... It was the perfect moment to convey my feelings about my parents' home.
Peace. Joy. A true refuge.

One of my favorite parts of the day:
Jayce and Masen are becoming old enough to really appreciate each other.
Until now, they have been too young to really connect on a cousin/friend level.
But this was the first time I saw them play basketball, follow each other around, and even mimic one another all afternoon.
It was amazing!

It just makes my day!

Masen has learned what to do when Aunt Caty has a camera in her hands.
Which is constantly.
He loves posing for me!

1:30 in the afternoon.

Masen and Bella being twinners.
I think Bella was smelling the deliciousness from inside.

I will be absent this week.
But I can guarantee a great upcoming post for Friday.

I hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday.
I hope you dwell on the many blessings in your lives.
And I hope you express thanks to anyone who may be responsible.

I also hope you know how thankful I am for all of you readers.
Many of you are dear friends that I know and love.
Many of you are dear friends that I just haven't met yet.
And you all make me look forward to sharing bits of my life with you every week!

See you on Friday!


KZ said...

Thanksgiving is great isn't it, and lucky you, you got to celebrate it a week early! I cannot wait till Thursday rolls around.

Marigrace said...

Thanks for the comments and the lovely pictures. I love you so much!