A Trip to Texas

I just spent the weekend in east Texas with family. And I am home. My poor husband is sick as a dog (I'm afraid I am the one to blame for that...) and I am taking care of him this week.

Photos from the trip:

You are being missed, Barb.

My brothers: Morgan and Michael.
Morgan had a growth spurt.

Just kidding.

Mama doing puzzles.

Me and Bullet.

The beautiful tree dedicated to Barbara.
It has a little bird's nest.

Rose garden/Craft fair

Deep fried dill pickle chips with ranch.

East Texas is beautiful.

Hello, Dallas.
I'm sorry, but you are probably my least favorite city.
But you are where I was sealed to my parents for time and all eternity.
So you get points for that.

We drove home with the baseball game playing on the radio.
Go Phillies.
Who are you routing for?

It was good to see everyone. I love my family so much!


L A C E Y said...

sooo, fried pickles and ranch. omg. i love that. it's one of those things that i wouldn't eat for a lonng time... then i'd over-indulge when i had the chance. haha. (I am the worst dietitian ever!)

Molly said...

Phillies?! Well, at least you didn't say Yankees. -grumbles- ;)

I was really rooting for the Reds, and then they tanked. Teams I like have a tendency to do that. Except Espana.


Love you!

Also, your pikshurs are purty. :)

Caty said...


We definitely ate TOO many of those pickles. But they were oh-so good!