This is not so good.

The Phillies lost the pennant tonight.
It was a really great game.
But they lost.
There was even almost a fight on the field between Sanchez and Utley.
But the Phillies lost.
And I felt sick afterward.
I had to listen to some fun music, just to get happy again.
It didn't completely work.

I guess there is always next year.
But up until today, there was THIS year.

I am in mourning.

On a better note, there were quite a few double plays tonight.
And I have always found double plays kinda sexy.


Alison said...

Go Giants! ;)

Sorry I hate getting emotionally involved in sports it's hard to shake off.

Caty said...

It IS hard to shake off! This is why I don't usually watch baseball regularly.

Football and basketball I couldn't care less about.
But baseball is different.

Alycia (Crowley Party) said...

hahaha "double plays kind of sexy." Best quote ever! haha

Brittlee said...

Sexy huh?! LOL! You're crackin' me up woman!

Sonja said...

Hahaha , double plays.
Awww sorry to hear about your team...but hey as you say, there's next year...it gives ya something to look forward to ;o)

Molly said...

So, where does the love for the Phillies come from? Because you ought to be Cardinal fan, woman!

It does suck when your team loses. I'd use the term 'heart-wrenching', myself.

This means we are going to Springfield games next spring.

Caty said...

Molls, you know when you are watching a game, and even if you have no connection to the team whatsoever, you just get this feeling inside that they are amazing and awesome and deserve to win? Maybe? Just me?
Well, when I first saw the Phillies play, I just fell in love with them. Plain and simple.

And yes, I am still a St. Louis fan! I would like to go see a Cardinals v. Phillies game next year... I'll just wear a bunch of red. ;)

Molly said...

That would be so much fun! Ach! Springfield games are easy and cheap though. :)

As to randomly falling in love with a team, that's why I love Chealsea FC. No real reason, just something clicked when I was watching them.

Caty said...

I am so happy we understand each other, Molly.

This is why we are bestest friends.