A Letter

Dear Josh Groban,

Where have you been for the past how many ever years?! That was a little harsh, I apologize. But really, you have been missed. With the gradual release of your most recent songs, I went on your website to see if you were going on tour any time soon. It turns out, you are! But so far, your concerts are on the West Coast or East Coast. And I am smack-dab in the middle. So please, pretty please, come visit the Mid-West and sing to us with that other-worldly voice of yours.

A Mid-American Fan


The Toland's said...

He seriously puts on the best concerts ever!!! I have been to two so far and those wont be the last. You should come out here to Utah and come with Stac and I!! NO SERIOUSLY!

Staci said...

well if you want to hold his hand while he looks you in the eyes and sings to you...not to mention he gives it a lil squeeze then yes come join us at his concert. IF HE COMES HERE! I hope he does it's not showing yet.