Just Some Photos

This was the first tree in our complex to start changing colors.
It is one of my favorites.

My reading list.
I call it "daunting excitement."
I added up the pages in this stack.
I have over 4,000 pages to read.
A couple of these books I have read once before (long ago).
Others I am in the process of reading right now.
Some I have yet to even begin.
I will succeed.

Getting ready to support the team tomorrow.

When I got home from work, he had already cleaned up the house AND put on a suave outfit for our date night.
I love this Romanian!

I hardly ever wear makeup anymore.
So when I got really dolled up tonight,
I thought I looked a little weird!
Gabriel liked it, though. :)


Lauralee said...

well aren't them some really cute pictures?

Brittlee said...

You guys look sooo great and happy in this pic! I loooove it! Whatta great man u have!

JMay said...

How cute are you here!