No, not real fleas. Flea Markets to be exact.
I went to one today and spent at least 2 hours walking down the aisles repeatedly.
Check out a few things that I found...

I love finding books that give me nostalgic flashbacks of being a child. If I hadn't seen this book, those memories never would have been triggered! Fascinating.

They were selling these already-burnt candles for $5.00.
However, I did find them darling.

I have become very fond of whimsical, classic clown decor like this, much to Gabriel's fierce dismay. He hates clowns. I used to think they were creepy as well. But that changed at some point. Because now, I think they can be so adorable.

Here are the ones that got to come home with me.
Mainly because of their amazing colors and prices.
The *yellow* gumball machine is the heavy-duty kind with real glass and metal. I basically freaked out when I found it. The classic Dole tin was only a dollar and the glass juicer was too wonderful to not put in my cart (for three dollars, too...).

Nothing like a great flea market to make my day!