A day in photographs

Here is to today...

big fluffy coat

downtown springfield

i like to stand in the grass

it was a foggy day

jane austen-like

home at last


sjh81 said...

This is why I totally loveeee your blog, you dont have to say alot, you post with your amazing pictures and they say everything............its crazy cause before I even read the Jane Austen pic I thought to myself that looks like something out of England in a Jane Austen novel, crazy! Great random shots! Love your cute boots btw!


Molly said...

Caty-love, where did you get those boots? Like me, I know you actually have muscles in your legs. I'd love to find a pair that fit my calves. <3

Caty said...

Thank you, Sarra!

Molly, I got those boots at Kohls just the other week. Another good place to buy boots for us "soccer-legged" chicks is Maurices in the mall. :)