A Giveaway!

I have 40 followers! I know that compared to many amazing writers/bloggers out there in the World Wide Web, this is only a handful of people. But to me, it really means a lot.
I am honored that you find joy in reading what I have to say and I want to have a giveaway to celebrate.

The prize is something that I adore:
A set of four classic latte bowls from Anthropologie.
You can visit the item's page here.

Leave a comment to this post by Thursday at noon telling me which color you would choose to have in your kitchen.

- One comment per person, please.
- For this specific giveaway:
shipping within the United States only. Sorry!
- You do not have to be a blog follower to enter.
- Anyone is welcome to enter
(family, friends, friends yet to be made, etc).

The winner will be chosen at random and announced Friday evening.

This is the first time I have ever done anything like this, so for all I know, only one person will end up commenting. Or maybe all 40 of you. That would make me smile.

In any case... good luck!


Jeanne said...

Oh I would LOVE the red ones!

I enjoy reading your blog and remember how nice you were when I was in the Single's branch here in Springfield.

Thanks Caty!!!

Jeni Brown said...

I always enjoy reading your blog it makes me feel like we keep in contact more even though we hardly see each other!

I Like the Green ones!

Sunshine said...

Mrs. Caty...Do I follow you? I sign up to follow but never know what that means after clicking follow. I thought I would get email updates or something but whatever. I come to read about the comings and goings of the Aricius anyway. I tried to send you the most adorable picture of a hedgehog that I saw the other day and when you have the first Ariciu baby, I already know what I am going to send you! Love you bunches!

Oh, and I like the green ones but LOVE the Blue Motif! :) I seem to be gravitating toward that color alot! :)

Tasha Early said...

I thought I was over my yellow phase....but I guess not. I choose Maize. Love it!

Congratulations on your followers!

Alison said...

Way to go Caty! I like the red ones.

Andi said...

Hi... I just started a blog and found your blog today while I was goofing off... And I can't tell you how *blessed* I am by everything that you've written about. From the random moments in your life to your beautiful relationship with your husband to your assurance and peace in God... Please, please NEVER stop! :) Haha.

And I like the seafoam... mainly because of the name. :)

Thank you so much for encouraging me!!!

Cricket said...

Since I am obsessed with lilac it's an easy choice for me :) I actually just starting blogging yesterday, my sister got me into it. I can see why people get into this. Have a good one.

The Roberts said...

I love red in my kitchen...and I was happy to be your 40th follower!
I just came across your blog yesterday and found interest.

Kim said...

Hi Caty. I love the red ones. So cute!

Jasmine Nora Jones said...

I'm happy to have discovered your blog! I choose the maize ones!

morgan said...

Great idea! Green!

Anonymous said...

I read your blog quite often and love what I read.

I love the lime ones!

Ashley said...

Way to go, Caty! I love reading your blog.

I'm a classic white fan myself.

Gail said...

I love the Blue Motif! It would go perfect with my very pale yellow french kitchen!

This is an awesome idea by the way! It is fun and everyone likes to have the chance to be treated every once in a while.

Cas n John said...

Hey, I am glad to hear you have so many followers. I enjoy reading your blog. I would love to either have the LIME or CORAL. And Possibly maybe the MAIZE. I think the LIME hits number one, but any one of those three would suite me WELL.
You are amazing.

sjh81 said...

I adore your blog, its a favorite of mine to read! Love the variety of topics you post on! I love the red ones, I have a cafe themed kitchen and there are hints of red throughout, so they would fit perfectly!

Sarra H.

Margeux said...

I'd take the violet ones for sure! I have a random kitchen, but come to think of it, I don't have anything purple :)


L A C E Y said...

lilac or coral. i can't decide. ah, decisions, decisions! :)))


hKuhl said...

I love your blog Caty! Although it always reminds me how much I miss you! I love the Red ones. ; )

Marigrace said...

How fun!!! The red ones, of course.

sarah said...

I will take a green one thank you. And when you send it please address it to:
The Sarah Kitchen
971 E 4555 S
SLC, UT 84117

Nelli said...

Caty, How sweet to do this! I love the red ones too! Actually I love them all, but I choose red!

Molly said...

Caty, you're a doll. However, since I possess a ridiculous amount of dishes, I don't need more. :)

The Toland's said...

Yellowsss all the way! Congrats love!

Liz said...

The red ones

meet me. said...

hey girlfriend. light blue! light blue!

Sara Zahn said...

I'm super late on this, but I'll go ahead and say the grey bowls are gorgeous! You're such a sweetheart to do this for people :D

P.S. Have an amazing day full of laughter!