Time of My Life

Gabriel and I went for an evening drive tonight.
I love driving while the sun is setting.

This is me baking. I made sugar cookies. Ingredients every where.

As you can see, while baking, I read People's article on the lovely Jennifer Grey and her life.
Did you know she was in a fatal car accident right before the release of Dirty Dancing; and a mother and daughter in the other car were killed? She went from survivor's guilt straight to being the "It" girl in America in less than a week. No wonder she wanted to disappear from the spotlight!

Soon thereafter, we started Tommy Boy.
It felt like a Chris Farley night. Does anyone else have those?


Admin said...

I just can't wait for Jennifer Grey's performance next Monday! She's just a treat to watch, and my, does she look good at 50 or what?!

Celeste said...

Oh my goodness, how terrible! I never knew that about Jennifer Grey... and on another note, my kitchen is a hot mess whenever I make anything!

AmyK said...

I make huge messes when I bake, too. And in reality, huge isn't a big enough word for it.