More PW♥

Today, I wandered onto PW's website (like I do every day) and found her recipe for a Veggie & Cheese Bagel. I craved it instantly. After work, I ran to the market to get what I needed (but they didn't have alfalfa sprouts, boo).
I made a few revisions with the ingredients and it was delish.

veggies and Munster cheese
(such an amazing mild, beautiful, lovely cheese)

home-made cheese spread
(cream cheese, green onions, and ham)

a toasted bagel

spread the cream cheese on the cooled bagel

start assembling

yes, i took a bit of cheese before putting it on the sandwich.
i couldn't help it.


"everything" bagels are my new favorite food.


Jeni Brown said...

Everything Bagels are sooo good they have been my fav for ever! That looks really yummy I will have to add those ingredients to my grocery list

morgan said...

Put a slice of ham and some bacon on it and you'd have a pretty good meal.

Tasha Early said...

mmmm it looks SO good..

Off to have a midnight snack! :D