A Great Day to Run Out of Paper Towels

For lunch today, I made spaghetti with red sauce. Well, during the process, I obviously got sauce on my sweat pants; but just a little here and there. So, being the lazy bum that I felt like being, I let it be (they are old pants anyway) and ate my lunch.

After lunch, I wanted a dessert. We don't have any candy or chocolate in the apartment right now (so that I don't eat it), so I resorted to making some quick instant vanilla pudding with bananas. That's a fruit, right? While making it, I just had to be distracted and spilled half of the almost-whipped pudding all over my front and onto my already-stained sweat pants. Did you know that when this happens, it instantly turns into thick pudding? It's awesome that way. Looking back, I can see that I handled the situation pretty ridiculously- The box says to stir it for two minutes, but I had only made it half way. So, while running in my vanilla-soaked clothes to the bathroom to get a wet cloth, I continued to hold the bowl, stirring vigorously.

I wanted that pudding.


hKuhl said...

I laughed out loud! You're too funny!

Sonja said...

Ahahaha!!! THis is the BEST story! lol
I'm reading your blog for the first time...but that was awesome hehe...I feel like I would be that desperate for the pudding too

Marigrace said...

You are too funny!!