Why can't I see my picture?!

Last night, I taught my cub scouts about photography. You all know how infatuated I am with the hobby, so it is safe to say that I was really excited to teach them a few terms and concepts. We also bought them disposable cameras so they could take their own photos together.

Well… it was a lot harder than I expected. These are children, 8 to 11 year old boys, who have grown up in the digital age. That fact alone proved to be my biggest barrier. When I whipped out the cameras for them to use, they all asked if they could keep them afterward. Why on earth would you keep a disposable camera? And then it dawned on me; they didn’t know how to use them. These cheap one-time cameras are what Gabriel and I grew up on. After taking a photo, we didn’t automatically look to find the photo pop up on an LCD screen or worry about auto-focus. Because there wasn’t an auto-focus! I had to teach them to load up the flash, wind up the round lever to take a photo, and look through the viewfinder. It was foreign to them, which made it an interesting experience for me. They got the hang of it pretty quickly, but I had to backtrack again when I said I was taking them with me to get the film developed at Wal-Mart.

It is amazing how far technology has progressed within the time span of me being a child and the children of today.

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