What Do You Wish?

Taza posted on her Rockstar blog today about things she wishes for. Due to the title of the post, I decided to pass it on...

i wish the heat and humidity outside would gather up into a ball and shoot itself into space. that way, we could all breathe in normal air instead of boiling water during the day.

i wish my teeth were stronger. i hate going to the dentist and, unfortunately, i have to go often.

sometimes, i wish i weren't a den mother. but then i see the little boys' faces when we start all sorts of projects; then, i wish i could be a den mother forever.

i wish walmart would either stop selling life's essentials or train their workers to be more helpful. it shouldn't take a girl thirty minutes to find corks in a super market.

i wish we were finished with living in apartments now.

i wish i had a cute little puppy to cuddle up with on my couch while watching television.

i wish i had someone to paint my toenails every week. because once they start chipping, they stay that way for a loooooooong time.

i wish eating chocolate-covered cherries counted more as a fruit than a dessert.

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