Next week, I am finally cutting my hair. And right when I was beginning to hesitate about my ideas, Harry Potter star Emma Watson released a photo of her new hair style today...

So chic. So feminine. So perfect for her.

But don't worry, my hair will never resemble anything close to hers. My face and features are just not right for a cropped cut. But it does give me the boost I needed. It reminds me of how liberating and refreshing getting a real hair cut can be. I am ready now, for sure. These are my examples...

Hello, Zooey. I have always ♥'d your bangs!

The haircut in the bottom two photos is my favorite so far.

I can't wait!


Ebony said...

Woah. Emma looks amazing. I wish I could pull that look off. Maybe when I'm a bit older and my babyfat is completely gone from my cheekies :)
Can't wait to see your new hair! I need a trim myself.

Vanessa said...

Love all those cuts. My breath faltered a little when I saw the pixie and I inhaled when you said you wouldn't go That short :) . . . I love pixie cuts, but they're not very forgiving. Plus, after a few weeks of short hair, I'm always ready for longer hair to pull back and style. (Am I right that you might feel the same way?)

Love you lots!

Caty said...

You are VERY right! I love getting a short hair cut, but I can't lie and say that I don't miss the length.

I figured people would read this post and think, "She is going to cut ALL of her hair off!" So, I quickly added in the "Definitely not that short" comment. Hehe