Independence Day Weekend

Here I am, feeling sick on the 5th of July. I have been slacking on the photography blog, and I still haven't emptied my SD card from yesterday's festivities. I am sneezing constantly and feeling super weak right now. As mom calls it, I'm feeling "puny." Indeed. I am thankful it held back until after the holiday weekend, though. I had so much fun. So much!
Friday night was an Independence Day party with everyone from our church. Saturday was a day to relax; Gabriel went to a concert with his brother while I stayed home, ate junk food, and watched two chick flicks by myself. It was heavenly! Sunday was wonderfully filled with great church meetings and family time (along with a few explosives at night). Here are some photos (finally) from the last three days!
I hope your holiday was wonderful.
And if you have blog, I hope you write about it soon... with pictures (ahem, Morgan and Alison).

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