"Did you hear about Pluto? That's messed up."

It has been a few days. What can I say? Not much is going on. Except I have been experiencing a craving for hard salami and coconut M&M's (preferably not at the same time).
Gabriel and I have been enthralled by the television show Psych.
And I had to tell him last night, I just had to:

"Gabe... I have a crush on Shawn Spencer's sense of humor."

He nodded and completely understood.

The past week has been filled with unexpected love from two of my nephews.
Masen can now say my name and apparently when I'm not around, it's his favorite word. Well, okay, maybe not his favorite. But I can see it in his eyes.
And over the weekend, Jack-Jack called me all on his own. I missed the call, but the voicemail was fun to listen to.

Also include these two bits of happiness:

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