The Weekend Recap

Masen the swimmer boy
[Did I mention he can WALK now?!]

He was beat after spending so much time in the pool!

The walk to the baseball stadium.
It was a beautiful day!

The Cardinal's mascot Louie hanging out with the fans.

Their uniforms were in honor of Memorial Day.

A swing and a miss.
But it's okay, because they won the game big time.

Spending Sunday afternoon with family.
Jayce and his daddy playing some hoops on the deck.

Mom made Gabriel a late birthday cake.
He requested Dirt Cake with gummi worms.
I love that man.

Memorial Day was sufficiently spent doing nothing.
We went out to eat lunch,
caught a few sales, bought a few movies
(Adventures in Babysitting, The Sound of Music, and X-Men 2),
and lazed around the apartment the whole day together.
It was fabulous.

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Marigrace said...

Ahhhh... it's a wonderful life!!!!!