The Twilight Saga: Eclipse

I wasn't really excited. Not like usual. The more I read the Twilight books, the more I don't like them. So, I decided not to read them again this time around. And I can only be in one phase at a time, and the recent phase has been Harry Potter. Gabriel and I are going to the new Harry Potter theme park in Orlando this fall and Gabriel is re-reading all seven books. I have been feeding off of that enthusiasm. And then, the official trailer for HP7 was released Monday. As if teasing me: You want to get excited for Twilight, but take this! The trailer is amazing to say the least. And so, Tuesday came, and I found myself desperately wishing that instead of Eclipse, I could be watching HP7 at midnight.

I waited in line with Katie Alpha and Brittlee for six hours. By the time we arrived at 6 pm, there were already about 40 people in front of us. We found our spot and sat down to get comfy. The excitement was building slowly, but surely. But I love experiences like this. If I hadn't gone, I would have regretted it. Staying up until 3 am may not have been the best choice for a Tuesday night, but that's what I embrace about 23 years old. I can still do things like that and not reap any big consequences. :)

After a while, we pulled out some magazines we had picked up for extra entertainment. That didn't last long; we were disappointed. I ended up ripping out a huge chunk of Marie Claire after skimming through their absurd article about how procreating is, in fact, a burden in life and that women need to take charge of their sex lives by assuring the outcome is not a baby. It made me upset. So I crumpled the pages vehemently.

Katie Alpha showed up with a purse full of watermelon chunks, string cheese, and Starbursts. Brittlee had granola bars, chips, and trail mix. I brought York Peppermint Patties and an apple.

Britt and Alpha didn't know each other very well, so I was able to sit and listen to their stories of life, love, and what they did in life for joy. Even though I consider both of these girls two of my best friends, it was wonderful to hear them talk about why they are the way they are. We laughed a lot and had amazing discussions about the Gospel. We talked about marriage (we are all "newlyweds" without children yet), babies, and traveling.

After the lights were dimmed inside the theater, one of the first previews was for HP7. Gee, thanks. It was even better on a big screen. But once Eclipse began, I basically forgot about it and started getting into the story, remembering what I loved most about the third book. They did a pretty great job with the film.

Spoilers aren't really possible with Twilight, because basically anyone who goes to see the movie has already read the books. So I apologize if that doesn't include you and my Cons/Pros list ruins something...


-Taylor Lautner's acting still needs a lot of work.
-It is painfully obvious that Kristen Stewart is wearing a wig.
-There were moments when I felt like Robert Pattinson's eyebrows wanted to attack me.
-They slipped in an irritating message that sex before marriage is an ancient practice (the word "ancient" was actually used). Much to my relief, many others in the audience were audibly offended.
-It was midnight. I was kinda tired.


-Charlie (Bella's father) continues to be my favorite character.
-I think the storyline in the third book/movie is better. It still focuses on the love story, but gives us a vacation from the constant ooey-gooey-ness.
-Enter in big moral lesson: Sex before marriage is anything but admirable; and a big part of marriage is that intimate connection you finally get to have with the one you love.
-The new Victoria was actually really good.
-There are some wonderful cinematography moments!


Sara Zahn said...

I am not a fan of the Twilight series... I don't mean to attack you or anyone else who likes them, so please don't take this personal... I feel that the Twilight books represent a very unhealthy way to have relationships and is also very focused on only sex. I think that since an LDS author wrote them it gives young women (and other young readers) the ability to read about obsessive relationship and quite honestly a lot of sexuality (that if were put exactly into a movie should make the movie rated "R") and feel like it is ok since someone in the church wrote it. The books may have ended it with them getting married before they had sex, but when a younger girl in her early years in high school reads this, she will get the picture that you can become obsessed and be willing to do anything for a boy (which usually ends up with very sadly) I don't think it is well written, nor did they help me feel the spirit in anyway. In fact they took away any spiritual feelings I had at the time. I would not recomend these books to anyone, and as far as I can control it, my daughter will not read them either. Girls have it hard enough in the world, why give them false ideas about healthy relationships with boys? .... Anyways, enough of my ranting on the books,
I too am a HP fanatic. I have been since I was 11 when I completely decked my room out Griffandor style. Charlie and I already have everything set up to go watch the final 2 movies in the Imax, we are Stoked!
Sorry this comment is so long, and I really don't mean anything against you. I really hope you have fun in Florida! Take TONS of pictures!

Caty said...

No offense taken at all, Sara. Many people feel the way you do, and many people feel the opposite. It's just one of those things.
I am pretty neutral on the matter when it comes to my reading them.

I didn't know the last movie was going to be at the IMAX! I'll have to look into that.

Sara Zahn said...

yes its in the IMAX... AND its 3D!! Oh gosh I am so excited.
We are dressing up as Ron and Hermione...
The thing with the Imax is everyone buys the same price tickets (to see it IMAX) but when they let people into the theater, if they don't have enough room, they will bump you to the normal screen. SOOO you have to get their SUPER early. You guys should come with us!