Stephanie Toland

Have I told you about my almost-too-talented-to-be-true friend, Stephanie? She is an amazing artist with a real eye for the whimsical, dramatic, and all things creative.
A while ago, she created a thread drawing on upholstery fabric of an amazing blogger, Taza (the RockStar) and her little family. I was super excited to see that this piece was featured on Taza's very own blog today.

Congratulations, Steph!


Miller Time said...

Hey little lady... if you like reading my friend Naomi's blog, you might also like Natalie Hill.... mormoninmanhattan.blogspot.com

Caty said...

Jenna, my love! How are you?

I will check out that blog today, it sounds cute! Question: Do you know Naomi? I know you both danced in NYC, so I was just wondering if there happened to be a connection there?

The Toland's said...

YAY... I was so excited when you told me!!! I'm on cloud nine!
-p.s. to your qs on my blog:
it's a bubble chair and it's very comfortable on my bum :)(it feels like I'm sitting on a stuffed chair), the back not so much... but it's my sewing chair and I'm not usually sitting back in it... I'm usually hunched over like a hunchback sewing... HA!