Snow White Had it Right

I learned something yesterday on NPR...
Did you know that when your skin tans, it is a healing-reaction to mutated and broken DNA caused by UV rays? I knew it was unhealthy, but I never knew the exact reason why. I suppose it isn't all that outrageous that, as a child, I thought the 'UV' stood for Ultra-Violent.

"A recent study from the University of Minnesota found melanoma risk increased as much as three times among people who tanned more than 50 hours in their lifetime, or had more than 100 sessions in a tanning booth."

The FDA is considering a ban on tanning beds for any person 18 years or younger.

"The World Health Organization recently classified tanning beds as carcinogenic and recommended such a ban for those 18 and under. A number of countries have put such bans into place."

For your DNA's sake, if you must must must tan, go natural and use the sun! But even then, remember that a "healthy glow" is actually your skin working overtime to fix an unhealthy condition.
So, be fair to your skin (pun intended)!

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Staci said...

Go Pale! Oh well if we are white we will look just as young and beautiful when we are older right. I like this post...fake and bake always annoys me.