A Letter

Dear Lady Gaga,

I love your music. You sing some of the most interesting songs I have ever heard. I love the hidden meanings of the real nature of fame in "Bad Romance." And "Telephone" being an analogy for how much youth are bombarded by technology these days is brilliant. But every time I try to watch one of your music videos or see you on stage, a very weird and dark feeling presents itself. I may be able to listen to your songs over and over again, but I cannot watch you perform. It is just too weird, in a bad way.



Staci said...

lets not forget her performance on AI this yr...when they have to blur out half your exposing outfit on national tv where many young kids watch then you shouldn't perform!

Kinsey Michaels said...

Hahah too funny. She is definitely an eccentric person! It scares me at times to realize she is as old as me (23) but looks a lot older when she's performing. I have to admit, I love her songs though!

Caty said...

Kinsey, I am 23 as well and I have to admit that I had no idea she was my/our age! That is amazing.