A Honeymoon 2.5 Years Later

It is official.
During the week of Thanksgiving, Gabriel and I will be living.it.up in Orlando, Florida at Universal Studios (namely The Wizarding World of Harry Potter).

We are huge fans, I mean huge fans, of the Harry Potter book series and when we heard about this park, we were both feeling like giddy school children. Our research paid off and after finding amazing ticket deals for the park and the flights, we finally reserved the perfect vacation package.

Hogwarts, here we come!


Duree Pamilya said...

Sounds like so much fun!!! I am dying to go see the park! I saw some of it on Ellen's show last week - loos so cool!
We went on our honeymoon and year after we got married... we went on a cruise which was so much fun! However, I was very pregnant and we spent 4 days driving with his older brother and dad which was not much fun, lol, but I'm glad we went
Enjoy yourselves!! :)

Staci said...

my family is going that same time, to Universal Studios! Yay for second honeymoons.

Caty said...

This is our FIRST honeymoon! Haha, we never got one in the beginning, so we are thinking "Better late than never."

So we will be there at the same time, Stac?