Flea Market Make Overs

I went to a great little antique shop/flea market here in town and found way too much stuff to buy. I was looking for a couple of lamps and a cute chair for our computer desk. Seeing as how the one we use now is a fold up metal chair...

I found the two lamps, just like I had hoped for, for $5 each! No chair, but I spotted a very cute hot air balloon mobile for my future child's room (price: $2.50). I took them to my parents' house and spent the whole day painting them to improvement.

The mauve... not so much.


The finished product!
Sorry about the poor quality; I had to take the photo with my phone since my camera is missing in action.
I am conflicted, though. I wanted a brighter yellow.
Actually, I wanted orange but they were all out... bummer.
Maybe I just need different lamp shades. What do you think?

The hot air balloon mobile. It is made out of heavy metal.
The brass is pretty, but wasn't whimsical enough for me.

I wanted them to look somewhat vintage-y and rough, so I didn't pay too much attention to perfect detail.

These I am very happy about.
Once I finish making over the hanger, I will post a completed photo.

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Duree Pamilya said...

Very cute Caty!! Love the mobile! And I agree... I think (from what I can tell) a brighter yellow would be awesome!