Day Camp 2010

The past three days (Thursday, Friday, and Saturday) were filled with cub scout experiences. It was day camp 2010 and saying that it drained me is an understatement, hence the blogging hiatus. Personally, I think the camp was a little too long, especially for the hundreds of little boys that attended. It was 8 am to 4 pm, for three days straight, in the hot sun and stifling humidity. Maybe it's because I am "old" at a whopping 23 years and can't take it. But the boys had a hard time, as well.
They got in some great classes and activities: star charts, whittling, making bird houses, shooting BB guns, archery, volleyball, obstacle courses, etc. Their favorite stations involved weapons. They lived to shoot those BB guns.

I am so happy I could be a part of the camp and get to know my little cubs better. Below are some photos and collages of the camp.

This boy may be one of the happiest little punks I have ever met.

The flag retiring ceremony. My first one, too!

It was surprisingly emotional for a lot of us.
I love this country!

I got a chance at archery, too. It is harder than it looks, but oh so fun!

Thank you cubs for being good little boys (most of the time) and for being great examples!

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Molly said...

That is awesome--dinosaur banner FTW!

Also, NOT FAIR! How come we didn't get to whittle and build birdhouses and shoot BB guns? Cub Scouts is so much cooler than Brownies! -pouts-