Weekend Happenings

On Friday, Gabriel and I went on a double date with our friends David and Yesenia. It was completely unplanned, but we ran into them at the hilarious Branson show, SIX! After the show, we went to watch Iron Man 2. Love that movie! It wasn't better than the first, but definitely just as good. Robert Downey Jr, once again, steals the show. We then went to eat dinner at Olive Garden and shopped a little. It was such a fun and much-needed day!

On Saturday, I had a pretty low key day. I got some good R&R and bought our tickets for The Twilight Saga: Eclipse (midnight showing of course!). That night we went to a session of Stake Conference and got to see many friendly faces that we haven't seen in a long time.

On Sunday, church was wonderful and uplifting. We had lunch at Mom and Dad's like usual.
I took a nap and woke up an hour later by one of the cutest little faces anyone could ever see: Jayce! He and I had a lot of fun yesterday exploring outside, playing with toy trains, and hanging out.
I love that little boy!

After returning home that night, we were craving shrimp for dinner and Toffee Crack for dessert. I included some photos of that, too. Enjoy!

[recipe here]

[recipe here]


Alison said...

May I request a full shot of you in your dress? ;)

Molly said...

That looks awesome. I might try that. Maybe add some peanut butter, white chocolate...oohh, I could stir in some instant coffee...

Thanks! :)