Opposites Attract

I hoard recipes. Badly. When I find a new website dedicated to cooking and/or baking, I freak out and print off every singly recipe that appeals to me. I am becoming pretty good at actually making the meals I find, too. I discovered, via Tasha, a blog called Brown Eyed Baker. It's fabulous. Tonight I made Sweet and Sour Chicken, a recipe I found on her website. I have never been a huge fan of the dish, but Gabriel is and he is working extra hard this week for us. And I found myself wanting to go back for seconds.

get your raw chicken (ewwww) and cut it into chunks

coat it in corn starch, beaten egg, then flour
(the recipe doesn't include the flour, but last time I finished coating the meat with egg, I got scrambled egg-chicken. not cool.)

brown all sides in a pan with hot oil

now make the sauce with ketchup, soy sauce, garlic powder, vinegar, and lots of sugar
(it burns your eyes!)

bath time: cover the chicken with the sweet and sour sauce

while that is baking in the oven for an hour, make a nice pot of rice

dinner time!

it was a big hit


Jeanne said...

Caty, if you want a good recipe blog...try ourbestbites.com. I LOVE their recipes! I've tried the taquitos, the pizza rolls, and a few more I can't remember, but they are delicious!


Molly said...

That looks yummy! I might try it. :) My favorite is www.smittenkitchen.com. <3

Tasha Early said...

I love Brown Eyed Baker. I find myself saving nearly all of her recipes! I've also noticed that if the photography isn't fabulous, then I don't bother saving...no matter how delicious the dish sounds. I'm a food-photo snob.

Caty said...

I am the same way, Tasha. I pay a lot of attention to the look and feel of the website.

Thanks for those links, ladies!