I need a new pillow. Or a new mattress. Or my own massage therapist. Any of those would work. For the past week, chances were that I would wake up with a headache. Yesterday was the worst so far. I couldn't move my head without feeling like someone was hitting it with a hammer. It wasn't fun. I would guess at allergies, but no other symptoms exist. :(

The feeling of "Blegh"


Tasha Early said...

you look awful, and I love it.

but really...you don't look too bad.
Hope you feel better!

TannHart said...

Ah, I feel your pain. I wake up with a headache 95% of the time when I'm pregnant....and no, I'm not trying to say that YOU are, but I am.

Caty said...

Thanks, Tasha. The black and white makes me look better, but I thought it went well with the dreary mood/feeling thing.

Wait, Terriann... What?
*Calling you right now*

Sunshine said...

I agree with TerriAnn...preggers...I mean you...not me!:)That's what I thought yesterday when I talked to you. Congrats TerriAnn!

Caty said...

Sorry, Shannon! ;)
Another possibility I failed to mention (due to T.M.I. issues?) was that it might be PMS stuff. ;)

Duree Pamilya said...

I've been waking up with terrible head aches for the past week as well... no babies here (besides David, lol) and I feel like I sleep great. It's a tough battle