Tonight I have cub scouts, and it's going to be a full day of work before that. And tomorrow, I have another full day of work. But it will be perfectly fine because while every Wednesday feels like a mountain to climb, I am always surprised by how quickly I reach the top before I ever thought I would. It's usually seeing the cubs' faces or watching them create amazing bird houses and musical instruments about paper cups and string. And today I am wearing a pink shirt. Not white or black, but pink!
It has made a difference so far.

This month, I graduated five years ago. It seems forever ago: my almost too-good-to-be-true adolescence. Before 2005, I really knew no tragedy or sorrow. That was a year of broken hearts. But it was a good year (I met my husband that year, and he saved me).
I wonder how all of my amazing classmates and friends are doing these days.
I hope they are as happy in life as I am.

My forehead isn't that big, it's mostly the white-out effect.

And I still have a mouth.


Molly said...

I'm glad your mouth is intact. :) Amazing how much changes in only five years, yeah? <3

Molly said...

UNRELATED: (But I don't know how else to send you this...)


:) :) :)

Caty said...

You can send me unrelated things through my blog anytime, Molls. :)
I'll check out the video today!