memories that live miles away

Tonight, I wished so much that I could be in Utah. A wave hit me today (and it does so at least once a month). It was a tidal wave of sadness for the hundreds of miles between me and the things I loved about SLC. My brother Morgan and his amazing family. My sister Rochelle and her wonderful children. LDS BC, oh school how I miss you. Our ward located only two blocks from our little house. The Gateway mall and the shopping it provided. So much that I took advantage of. And not even that, it was so much that, at many times, I decidedly scorned (except the family) because I was so far from my home here in Missouri. I regret not living in the moment in Utah.

So, dear readers, no matter how rocky life seems at the time, try to find a grasp on the here and now. Really love what you have, while quietly waiting for what you want.

And dear Utah, I miss you.


Marigrace said...

That is a profound lesson you have learned, my dear!!!

Emmalita. Em-uh. Eefer. Miss M. Em&m. Em. Me. said...

Dear Caty,

Utah misses you back