Just my luck

Last night while browsing the almost forbidden web pages of Anthropologie (forbidden because I shouldn't be looking at things I shouldn't be buying), I came across the dresses they have for sale and found the one and only Around the World dress that I have been obsessed with for months now (refer back to this post for a refresher). Not only is the dress marked down HALF price, but the few sizes left included yours truly's perfect fit. I ordered it today and I can.not wait to receive it in the mail and see what it looks like (a plus: if I don't like it as much as my imagination does, I can return it).

Oh, how I ♥ Anthropologie.

[Have I mentioned they have a store in KC... and a new temple is being built in KC... and that is our new temple district... temple trips just got that much better.]


The Toland's said...

Finally a new Temple in KC.... it's about time!!! Jealous about the dress by the way... your gunna look (*singing*) HOTTTTT in it!

Alison said...

Caty I love you and I love your fashion sense. ;)