Dessert Overdose

What am I supposed to do when I have chocolate chip cookies in my cabinet, a chocolate sheath cake in my fridge, and I want to make these brownies tonight?

[tasha posted about these today; so it's really all her fault]

Oh, how problematic this is.
If anyone is craving a chocolate dessert in any shape or form, just come on over and take your pick!


Molly said...

You just need to find someplace to take things once you've baked them. I don't generally keep the things I make--it works out nicely. If there's a business you frequent, start taking them sweets. :)

Also, Hannah's in town, and we're getting together tomorrow night around 7 at the MudLounge if you want to come. It's really nice and nonsmoking. It's basically the Mudhouse, but they have a bar. <3

Caty said...

Yeah, I figure I can start being a REALLY good neighbor, too. :)

Tomorrow night I have cub scouts but I will give you a call afterward (around 8:15) to see what you girls are up to!