This month's theme for cub scouts is "In the Spotlight" and the boys are going to be focusing on developing talents and performing in front of others. I had planned to make a couple of instruments out of basic paper cups, string, etc. I was slightly worried that some of the boys would cringe at the theme (some are a little shy of getting in front of people). I was pleasantly surprised, though, when I suggested we play some Charades. They jumped up and starting writing down ideas, and then performing them perfectly for each other.
From "washing a dog" to "lunatic," the game was a hit. We decided to put on a talent show at the end of May. I cannot wait, to say the least. They are full to the brim with ideas on skits to put on, talents to show off, and so much more.
I have the most creative little cubs!

Gabriel is so-so-so good with the boys! R (one of his Webelos) really looks up to him and he is such a good example!

[Interesting fact: "Webelos" means "We Be Loyal Scouts"]

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