Answered Prayers

Gabriel and I are now the proud of owners of not one, but TWO white buicks made in the 90's.
(yup, those two in the photo!)
What can I say? We love them!

I loved my cute little copper Ford Focus, and I hope I can get another cute little car again some day, but it isn't a priority. I think Randy Pausch said it best in The Last Lecture when he talked about how much more important people are than objects (specifically automobiles).
If they get you from point A to point B smoothly, then you've got it made!

And while I am currently not with child, just think of how many KIDS you could fit into those two Buicks! ;)


Molly said...

I thought about it...and then shuddered. ;)

Caty said...

I'll make sure to call you for babysitting when I have lots of children, Molly. Hehe :-P

Maureen said...

True true. Although new is nice...practical takes precedence in my book. Which is why we haven't bought a new car in nearly 6 years. In fact, I still have the car that your brother and I bought together 12 years ago. And it still goes from point A to point B. :)

Molly said...

Babysitting is one thing--you can give them back! ;) Annie and Albert are maybe talking about having a baby and it makes me secretly very excited.

Caty said...

That is so cool for them!! A little Annie... :)