The Twilight Saga: Eclipse

Wow, I am a sucky Twilight fan nowadays. I haven't really been up to date with what is happening with the franchise. For the first two films, I was on the ball. But it was sad when, on Sunday, I discovered by accident the new official trailer for Eclipse. I was slightly amused by my lack of interest. But, after watching, my pulse raised a little. I am really excited to see the movie in June and I will probably see it during the midnight opening, but I doubt I will see it as many times as I saw New Moon (too many, because I have yet to watch it on DVD).
Other good news: they chose the director for the last installment, Breaking Dawn. Bill Condon. Never heard of him, but apparently he is really good.

Here is the trailer for Eclipse. I approve. Although I miss the old Victoria. The vampires walking out of the water are super creepy, and I am still on Team Jacob as of right now (sorry, Brittlee, but it could change any day, ya know). Oh, and Kristen Stewart's wig?
I had to mention it... sorry.

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