I love searching through old things at my parents' house/storage shed and finding items that I used to cherish as a little girl; it can be anything from books to stuffed animals. It brings back one of my favorite feelings: the walk down memory lane, the rush of that attachment your childhood-self had with a certain game or toy.

Today, Dad brought out two boxes filled with some toys. He said I could take them home for the next time Masen or Jayce came over. But when I opened the boxes, I found myself in a flashback! It took a good debate to convince Dad to let me take them all home with me;
he has our old toys hidden away everywhere.

Here are some of my old, forgotten toys...

Yes, this is a Kerr jar with an old-school "Magic Button" lid.
John and I were easily amused,
because we were obsessed with this thing.

My musical bird scale!

You press down on the tail feathers and let the bird's beak hit the bell. All but one were still in good tune!

An old wooden train.

Another wooden train with circus animals inside the "cages."

Miniature town and train.

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Staci said...

those music birds r awesome, i want some