This and That

Some music fads that I could do without:

-The integration of rap and regular music.
You think the song is going to be great, and then the bridge comes filled with the words of a crass rap artist.

-The name announcement. Certain artists like Ciara, Britney Spears, and Jason Derula really enjoy doing this.
When their song begins, you can hear their name in the introduction, as if they wanted to make absolutely certain that you knew who was going to be singing.

-The music video contradiction. A lot of really good songs with really interesting and fairly deep messages are tainted by meaningless (and sometimes offensive) music videos that have nothing to do with the lyrics.


While reading a talk from the Priesthood session of the most recent General Conference, I read these words (referring to the power of priesthood blessings for the sick and afflicted):
“Our family’s faith is in Jesus Christ and is not dependent on outcomes.”

That is a goal for my future family and my personal faith.


I never would have expected 8 year old cub scouts to know what "anarchy" means.
And yet, apparently, they do.


Nacho Cheese Doritos might be the death of me.

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