A Great Day for Mail

My friend Stephanie Toland is a crazy-amazing artist when it comes to... everything. From painting to sewing, she can make just about anything with a twist of personality.
Today, I received a gift from her in the mail- a sewn portrait she created of Gabriel and me.
Thank you, Steph!
I love this and it is already on my wall. :)

What makes it even more wonderful is the fact that a friend made it especially for me.
Happy Monday!

Check out all of Stephanie's blogs here:
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Sara Zahn said...

That is too neat! I would love to have one done! She is very talented :)

Staci said...

i hate her! ok so im jealous so what...she did good on u guys sooo cute

Caty said...

Has she not made one for you yet, Stac?

I think this might be a good little gift for anniversaries/birthdays, etc. I might have to start paying Steph the big bucks to give these as presents!

Marigrace said...

Extremely cute!!!!!