Easter 2010

Easter lillies

John playing with some sort of weapon. Like usual. ;)


Looking more and more like a big boy every day!

Jacob finally got him to smile for the camera!

Masen with Uncle Adam

That smile!

Let the Easter egg hunt begin!

The kid did a nose-dive into the pile of M&M's.

And succeeded in eating all of them.

Jayce checking out an Easter treat

2nd session of General Conference


Kelly said...

Caty, I can't find you on facebook, so I think you left. Either that or you are hiding from me. Two items of business. You and Gabe made me want to watch 24. I just finished the first season and I have one word for you. Shocked. Second, when do you think I might see that temple picture? :)

Caty said...

Kelly, I did leave Facebook. I am sorry about not really telling anyone. Well, I did blog about it, but it was a while ago.

24, eh? We finally caught up and are now keeping time with the current season. Waiting one week in between episodes is torture. It's pretty intense, huh?

Temple picture= massive guilt. I will send it to you by this weekend. As Jack Bauer would say: "I give you my word." :)