Last night, Gabriel and I took our scouts to the local Nature Center. I didn't plan too much for them to focus on, just a list of animal tracks to try and find as well as certain plants to spot. I was slightly afraid that their little attention spans would veer quickly and boredom would set in. Oh, how wrong I was.

11 boys showed up in all. That is the most we have had in a long time. Granted, we did call each family individually to inform them of the evening's details and I know that helped a lot. A few fathers also tagged along (thank goodness!). Once we arrived at the Nature Center, we chose a trail to walk and started on our adventure. The boys were so enthusiastic about everything around them. They found many different animal tracks and T even found a little garden snake (I will use first initials when referring to each boy). We were lucky; we came upon a group of turkeys, a bunch of little frogs, swimming turtles that seemed to like us, an occasional squirrel, and the boys' favorite: a herd of deer.

There were so many great moments throughout the evening. Here are a few:

- Co held my hand for a little bit. This touched my heart. I am really loving the Cub Scout/Den Mother friendship that develops in a calling like this.

- Ca taught me about Nephi and the scriptures. He walked with me a few times, talking about how righteous Nephi was and how that affected his life. I was very impressed.

- At one point or another, quite a few of the boys, of their own accord, walked with me and talked to me about what they were learning and finding in the Nature Center.

- When together, R and P are a force to be reckoned with.

- Ch is very enthusiastic about everything in life. He brought a birdhouse along; I think he might have wanted to hang it up inside the Nature Center, but once he saw that they had their own birdhouses, he opted to keep it for himself.

It was a wonderful, exhausting evening. As it usually is with these boys. I have a feeling that this is giving me a minor glimpse into the world of a parent (especially a parent with all boys).


Marigrace said...

What a great activity!! I know they love you!

Anonymous said...

T was really looking forward to that trip and had a great time, thanks for taking them! How cool that he found a snake :D That's a great picture too. Way to go guys, we really appreciate how hard you work with the scouts.