Cub scouts is hard for me sometimes. Wednesdays are so busy and long, by the time I get home at 4:45, I am ready to relax at home for the evening. But it is not to be, because I have cub scouts in two hours! Driving to the church, the reluctance is still very much there. I begin to wonder how many of my boys will show up that night and how the planned activity will go. I wonder if the boy in charge of the Grub Bucket (the refreshments) remembers to bring something. The questions usually dissolve as we get inside the building and start rounding up all the boys, because seeing their faces makes every reservation I ever had dissipate.

Last night, initially, I only had two cubs show up. After Gabriel took the older boys outside to play a game of football, three more arrived. My wolves and I finished making our Litter Bug puppets, worked on some Earth Day puzzles/games, and I asked them to share their "battle stories" about ever being stung by a bug or bitten by anything. The stories, needless to say, were quite intense. We wandered outside to play some Frisbee and a game called Toilet Tag that my mischievous little redhead taught everyone.

The older boys finished their football game and brought root beer and cookies outside to share (the dinner of champions). By the end of the night, we had picked up a few recruits. Three boys, all under the age of five, followed us around and played with us. I didn't mind one bit; some day they will be the ones telling gruesome bite stories to their Den Mother.

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