Today, my brother Morgan turns 30 years old.
Here are a "few" of my favorite things about him...

-Fatherhood seems to come to him very naturally.
-He is an amazing big brother.
-He is the most socially tactful person I have ever met.
-He served a full-time mission for the Church
and loves to live the Gospel.
-He reads a lot.
-He takes pride in his education and knowledge in general.
-He married a girl who compliments him perfectly.
-He married into a fantastic family.
-His children have my heart.
-He is one of few reasons why I miss Utah.
-He speaks Spanish.
-His singing voice is somewhat of a comfort blanket for me.

Happy Birthday, Morgan!


Alison said...

I love that guy. ;) (but I might be a little biased)

Mamanua said...

I love your insights about this 'young'man. He has won our hearts as well. I'm grateful he and Ali found each other (with you and Gabe as a bonus).