An Ode to Men

To start off, I am so thankful for my rights in this country. I love that, years ago, there were women strong enough to fight for the rights I have today, a voice in economics and politics. But I think the negative side effects of the feminist movement are more prevalent today than ever.

It is so common to hear women putting men down. On commercials, husbands are portrayed as incompetent and lazy. In movies, men are shown as primal, greedy, adulterous things. Are there men such as these? Of course. There are women, too, who fit these descriptions. Are they the majority? Of course not. There are women who are still victims to sexism, yes. But in my day-to-day happenings, men are thrown under the bus more than my own sex. I hear women gossip about their husbands, about how simple-minded, messy, and sloppy they are. Sometimes, I hear women speak higher of their own pets than of their husbands. It makes me sad, because this is the very thing women fought against decades ago: the chauvinistic "beating" of their sex, the unfair comparison between the two genders. And now, it is being delivered right back at men.

It isn't much, because I am just one woman in the midst of millions. But I love men and I love their capability to lead, protect, and provide for others. I love their strength and sincerity, their chivalry and their charm. I am thankful to be in a family of strong men. My Grandpa Gainer was an Irish cop. My Grandpa Hodges was an authentic Texan cowboy. I have grown up respecting the men in my life because of their role in the home and in the family.

Thank you, boys, for everything you do.

Watch this video about how commercials portray husbands. It puts things into a interesting light.

To end this ode on a happy note, check out these posts by The Pioneer Woman. I just adore her entries about her husband (whom she affectionately calls "Marlboro Man").



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rumblejax said...

I completely agree. It seems like you hear so much about how women are better than men. It shouldn't be like that. I don't think that that's what the women that fought for rights had in mind.

I feel like each sex is different and both have their qualities. Women may be better at men in some ways, but men are better than women in others. And I like it that way. It shouldn't be about putting down the other sex, but embracing the qualities that we couldn't live without that are found in the opposite sex.

Good post!

Gail said...

Good post! I agree too. While the womens movement had huge postitive results it had negative ones too. The movement for women was never intended to brand women to better than men; it was meant for us to just be their equal. Extreme feminism has tore down men too much and has gone too far.