Not So Fast

I am not "up to date" in the area of health and lifestyle breakthroughs, mainly because these breakthroughs remind me of modern-day technology. If you buy a new television today, then there will be a bigger, better, HD-er television on the shelves tomorrow. It is constantly changing, always progressing (or sometimes canceling itself out), yada yada yada. The Internet and TV are saturated with people/doctors giving advice and talking about new theories on dieting and what leads to cancer and diabetes. Today, I read the headlines "Frequent Napping Increases Risk of Diabetes" and "Shock as Weight Watchers OKs McDonald's Food" (forgive me for not sourcing)...

So, I will confess that I am a modern-day-health-breakthrough skeptic. This is because I think it is obvious what is healthy and what is not.

Example: Is it okay to take naps? Yes. Is it okay to eat a lot of McDonald's food? No, gross. Should I eat snacks constantly? No. Is it good for me to exercise regularly? Of course. Is it damaging to starve myself in order to be thinner? Probably. I mean, how in depth do you really need to get when it comes to achieving and maintaining health before it gets really crazy?

Side note, this is coming from a relatively healthy 23 year old girl. If I had serious health issues, then I am sure I would pay more attention to the headlines.

What does this have to do with the post title Not So Fast? Not much, I went off on a tangent, sorry.

My original inspiration for this post came from a comment made by a good friend. At lunchtime, food was offered and I passed up, simply saying that I was fasting. The instinctive response toward this was, "That's not healthy." It caught me slightly off guard, because never once when fasting do I think of my body's health. Not because I am brushing it off; my health is very important to me. But it never crosses my mind because fasting is very much a spiritual and religious practice. It isn't practiced to lose weight (at least it shouldn't be); it is practiced for a number of reasons (increase faith, obedience, inquire of the Lord, show an amount of desire, etc). If I take care of my spirit, my body will benefit and vice versa.

I suppose to the now-world, fasting would be looked upon as unhealthy, maybe even useless. The reason I don't think about my body's health when fasting is because that is a very good way to distract me from the main purpose. Fasting is about sacrificing sustenance that your body and tongue crave, to show self-discipline and to express that faith mentioned before. I am thankful for my physical body, beyond words. But my priorities are all entwined: My spirit, my mind, and my body together. This leads me to my next thought: I have always thought it was interesting how the body dies. Wow, that sounds morbid. Let me explain...

Our bodies work beautifully. Organs, tissues, muscles, cells, everything in my body right now is working exactly how it should so that I can breath, see, hear, etc. And then we come to the conscious mind. Honestly, if I think too long or hard about how the brain works, I hurt myself. It blows me away. The brain contains information, memories, emotions, thoughts, ideas, creativity, questions. But what charges it? What gives the brain its power? You can get a heart transplant, but you can't get a brain transplant. It is the only body part that cannot be replaced. Want to 100% stop the body? Stop the brain.

So, if, in my opinion, the brain is the battery to the body, where is the outlet from which the battery is charging? And there you have the reason why I fast. Because, ultimately, my spirit is the cause of my being alive right now. Everything else is a result.

[ Truth: I had Gabriel read this before publishing it, just to make sure it made sense to someone other than myself. ]


Duree Pamilya said...

I think about that CONSTANTLY! I've been helping Jason study for his nursing classes for awhile now and have learned tons, but never enough to answer any of my questions! My curiosity exponentially increased once David was born. How can something so amazing grow so quickly and be SOOOO smart!? It's amazing to me how much he can comprehend and communicate.
Some things are absolutely boggling!! lol

Gail said...

It is so true. With what I study in school, and the more I learn, the more I realize I know nothing.

Our entire being comes down to the main players carbon, phosphate, potassium, oxygen, nitrogen, and calcium along with trace elements. It is actually the exchange of ions in large part that generates electricity in our brain as in a similar fashion in our hearts. But how does electricity become conscious thought? Also, our whole entire genome comes down to A,G,C,T (DNA)and U(RNA), nucleotides. That is crazy to think about!

I think someone above is a VERY good chemist. And just perhaps, that is an understatement :).