Alpha and Gamma Together Again!

One of my best friends took me out to lunch yesterday. Katie Alms, how I love her! We met in 2005 through our boyfriends, who were best friends at the time. Even though both of our relationships ended with them, our friendship basically grew stronger than ever.

One summer, I flew out to Connecticut where she was living and went to the Palmyra, NY pageant for the church with her young single adults group. There were so many girls named "KT" that we gave each other nicknames. I am Gamma, she is Alpha (we had a Sigma and a Beta, too).

Alpha and I went to eat at Ocean Zen in Springfield.

Our plates were super pretty!

And not only were they pretty, the food tasted really good.

For dessert, we first ordered a creme brulee. It was alright.

And for our second dessert, we had this pretty little concoction, their S'mores tray.

You get your own little "fireplace" to roast marshmallows over.

We like ours burnt. My favorite is after the marshmallow has caught on fire.

Then we spent about 15 minutes looking at their massive fish tank. All of the coral, the anemones, and the fish were gorgeous. I can see one of these being in my future home. ;)

Thank you, Alpha, for a wonderful afternoon! Have fun wedding dress shopping in Utah this weekend. :)

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