Alice in Underland

It's called Alice in Wonderland, but I learned recently that the actual name of the place she visits is called Underland, she just misheard it as a child. Gabriel and I went to watch Tim Burton's latest creation on Saturday, we watched it in 3-D (a must for this movie, I think). It was exactly the movie I imagined it would be. It did not exceed my expectations at all, but it didn't disappoint. There were funny moments, a few stupid moments, and some very thoughtful moments (I love the term "muchness"). My favorite part was the connection between Alice and Johnny Depp's Mad Hatter. The Red Queen was brilliantly played by Helena Bonham Carter (one of Burton's favorites, for a reason) and the girl who played Alice was really charming.

For children? Not so much, at least by my standards. I felt for the little kids in the theater. As a child, the movie would have frightened me. There are a lot of dark aspects, like the river of blood filled with decapitated heads and eyes being gouged out every which way.

Mind you, Alice in Wonderful has never been a favorite story of mine. The feeling I got from the Disney movie wasn't that great. It has always seemed a little too weird and "off your rocker" for me.

In conclusion, I recommend this film for teenagers/adults if there is nothing else in the theater you are dying to see. And I definitely recommend it in 3-D; it adds to the whimsy.

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