S'more Happiness

Last night, two of my very favorite people visited. Kelly and Sarah are the sisters of my sister-in law and they drove from Utah to come see us! Okay, so that wasn't really the reason... Kelly is moving to Washington D.C. and Sarah is accompanying her on the road trip. They got to Springfield at about 8 p.m. though to visit and crash at our place.

I wanted to bake them something wonderful. And when I saw these S'more cupcakes on Bakerella's site, I just knew that's what I wanted to make for them.

I need to start off by saying that I have never baked something that has involved so much attention, work, and maintenance. But I also need to say that it was ALL so worth it!

You start by making a basic cupcake batter and splitting it into two bowls. In one bowl, you add graham cracker crumbs. In the other, cocoa powder. Pour the first batter in and cover with a butter/brown sugar/graham cracker topping.

Then, top that off with half of a large marshmallow.

(I missed documenting the next part because it was about when Kelly and Sarah arrived and I was too excited to focus on picture-taking.)

So, the next step is to cover all of that with the second batter (with the cocoa) and more of that yummy graham cracker topping.

They were huge. I did fill the cups to the very top and then some, but it turned out alright. Obviously.

Another shot, because I was amazed at how yummy they looked and I still am. The marshmallow gooified the middle and then came out the top!

At this point, we left to go visit my parents while Kelly and Sarah were here. When we returned to the apartment, the cupcakes had settled, making a little bowl on top for the rest of the dessert (see below).

I made some semi-sweet chocolate ganache and added a few mini-marshmallows for the finishing touch.

And, yes, they tasted as good as they look. And possibly even better.

Click here for full recipe (or the link above).


Alison said...

Definitely going to have to try this one. How was the visit?

Caty said...

I was SO fun! I am going to post more about the actual visit tonight. The three of us went to lunch today (Gabe had class) and I was sad to see them go.

Marigrace said...

We loved having them in our home. I must say they were lambasted with your dad's political ideas right off the bat!!! But, they were troopers and stayed for a great visit!!