Love Day 2010

I have never been big on the commercial aspects of Valentine's Day (which basically encompasses the entire holiday). But I do love the fact that we celebrate love! I have made it a goal to not limit it to romantic love either. I like to celebrate the love I have for my family and friends, as well as my amazing and loving husband, Gabriel. For Valentine's Day weekend, we traveled down to Eureka Springs, AR with my brother and his girlfriend, Adam and Amanda. What was waiting in Eureka Springs for us? The 6th Annual Chocolate Lovers Festival of course!

Let the sugar-coma begin!

We were each given a box to fill completely with chocolate. Along with that, once you were inside, it was all you can eat chocolate!

Cute idea for a baby shower? I think so!

They are one of the cutest couples I know...

... And so are we. :)

I hope you had a wonderful Valentine's Day this year! I love you all!

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