Jeans ♥

Have I ever mentioned how much I love jeans? I am obsessed with them. This is actually kind of interesting, because when I was a child, I refused to wear them. I liked to be in skirts and dresses. I remember thinking jeans felt very uncomfortable and restricting. Well, somewhere along the line, I definitely took a 180 degree turn! In fact, I wonder how many pairs I have in my closet...

Eight. I own eight pairs of jeans right now. Six of which are from American Eagle. Consequently, those are the only six pairs that I actually wear. Because American Eagle jeans fit my shape better than any other brand I have ever tried. And I have tried a lot; because a good pair of jeans goes a long way.

Right now, all jeans at AE are on sale right now until 2/23/2010.
Here is my wishping list:
(I decided to create a new term: "wishping lists." They are shopping lists that may not be entirely plausible or achievable at the moment. The combination of a wish list and a shopping list)

I hear these new Artist jeans are really great if you don't have the flattest abs in the world.

Your basic beautiful Slim Boot jeans. I love you, AE Slim Boot jeans.

These Boy Fit jeans are cute to me. Very summer-y and I can picture myself wearing a casual tank top and flip flops with them on a boat in the middle of the lake.

Ah, summer...


Tasha T said...

I need to find a go-to denim, but the kind that looks best on me is a wide, straight leg. And I don't really LIKE wide, straight leg. Psh. Plus my waist is tiny and my legs/butt are huge.

I love the look of those artist jeans, though!

Anonymous said...

I LOVE AE jeans too! I own the artist jeans and I call them my "butter jeans" because fit so good.

Caty said...

"Butter Jeans"- I love that, Cassie!!

Gail said...

I had to laugh because when I was a kid growing up I refused to wear jeans too, and now I couldn't live without them. Although, I wasn't about skirts, but rather those really awful 80's skin tight cotton pants with outrageous patterns.

But I can't fit into American Eagle Jeans. They are not non-existant-butt friendly. Sigh!